“We are facing an important choice: shall we jointly commit suicide today or shall we wait till the robots have reduced us to slaves of the Robot Race? What are the steps in the journey that will take us to a technological hell and how do we organize the (underground) resistance? Is all lost or can we learn from the past to enhance our chances of survival?

Marc Lambotte takes us on a trip to the Land of Myths and guides us through the Desert of Despair and over the Sea of Blabla towards the Oasis of Insight.“

Marc Lambotte started his career as a teacher in Antwerp.

In 1985 he became trainer at the Customer Education department of IT company Unisys. A few years later he shifted his focus within Unisys and built a local and international career in sales, marketing and general management.

In 2014 he joined Agoria as CEO.

Until the previous academic year he taught International Management and Strategic Management at KU Leuven.

Conviction and values

“I believe that business leaders must embrace the stakeholder model by actively contributing to the development of a society where business objectives and societal objectives are well balanced, enabling everybody to live a dignified and peaceful life in full respect of the convictions and ambitions of others.”