Eward Driehuis @ Can we use the criminals and nation states techniques against them?

As criminals become more businesslike, they are finding new ways to monetize victims. As their techniques start to resemble APT’s, we are forced to find new ways of protecting ourselves. Eward Driehuis, Securelink’s CRO, will explain how criminals have evolved closer to nation states. And if you pay close attention, some of their attack techniques can be turned against them.

“Eward Driehuis is Chief Research Officer at SecureLink. An IT veteran of over 20 years with a background in design, he heads SecureLink’s research. He has a passion for security, innovation an years of experience fighting cybercrime, having worked with banks, law enforcement & corporates. Eward has worked all over the world, and is an established speaker at international events such as RSA and FS-ISAC. His CV includes roles as CTO, Business Director in Software and IT. He spent the last 8 years in Fox-IT heading their threat intelligence and security analytics products, and leading the international go-to-market.”